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hug art

This is a new series of posts I want to write. I have experiences with strangers all of the time that bring me to tears. I am a particularly open-hearted person, and I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve, but I believe that this kind of experience is available to everyone who can open themselves to it. Just takes a small dose of unity consciousness, and BOOM everyone is a part of your immediate family. I swear it really is that easy!

Anyway one day recently I was at one of my favorite neighborhood thrift shops. I haven’t shared much about my passion for thrifting (it’s treasure hunting, ya know?!) but I LOVE to go and browse what other people have discarded. There is so much magic in thrift shops if you ask me.

Well I’m browsing, doing my thing you know, and I cross the main aisle to the linens. There is a medium-height black man there, quite dark, with big bright eyes, pure aura, loving energy. He’s wearing a black ballcap with sequins on it, no joke. I could just feel him, and his beautiful heart was OPEN as can be.

We met eyes, and there was an exchange, I think he asked me how I was doing. I told him that I was doing well, enjoying my weekend. He then asked me if I was from here? A little jokingly I hesitated, saying, “well yes Texas, if that’s what you mean. Houston-area originally though. Unless….. do you mean Earth?” I laugh. He looks at me out of the side of his eye, catching me in my mischief, and he plays along, but says “Yeah, I meant Austin.” There was an easy, jovial energy between us. His heart was so open, and so was mine, and we just totally met, merging consciousnesses in pure love of each other as humans. Jeez! Even now writing this I am filled with such love for him. When this happens with strangers I am just so grateful. It reminds me of how much this world really is changing.

We were in passing though, and he was moving one way and I another. But there was a hesitance to separate. He came toward me with his hand outstretched and I stretched mine out to meet him, but then we realized it was a hug we were destined for. It was simple, beautiful, pure. We met bodies and hearts, and there was an instant knowing. A pure consciousness of Love between us. We met fully, wholeheartedly and I remember him just whispering, “Jesus. Jesus. Thank you. Thank you.” I merged with the feeling of unity consciousness. The hug must have lasted for 20 seconds or more, and we just stayed there, merged with all of the universe. It was just so rejuvenating, so glorious. I felt Jesus Christ himself there with us, right in the middle of this dusty old thrift shop. It was galactic. It was planned. And it was a remembering.

We parted with gratitude pouring from us. I remember he said that his mama was calling him, and I heard her say around the corner, “Wayne?” I can’t tell you how much I loved this man. How important he is to me. How incredibly grateful I am that he exists in this world. What a meeting to remember.

Always be open friends. Ya never know when you’ll meet a new family member. We out here ya know!

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Hi friends! This is a quick post to inform everyone that I have now made a new blog for astrology education and updates. Astrology is a passion of mine as I believe it connects us (and our psyches) to the cosmos by way of vibrational intelligence. As important as it is, I’ve been wanting to localize it to a specific place on the internet. That place is now here:

>>> ASTRO BAST <<<

I wanted to let you guys know in case you subscribed here for astrological updates, and to encourage you to sign up to receive updates by email there (just like on this one, you will find it on the right sidebar).

If you want a generalized take on astrology from my perspective, see the about page here. Thanks to all who are dedicated to learning this sacred art!

(This blog will now be a specific place for my personal evolution and experiences, current lessons and research, random late-night thoughts, and praise of others who I believe are doing amazing things. Thanks for following along, it means a lot!)


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Sometimes we think we know people. But how often are we seeing what we think of them, instead of actually seeing THEM?

Lately I’ve been raising eyebrows at the destructiveness of some of the thoughts I’ve been thinking. Especially toward other people!  —(Grandpa, is that you?)— I mean holy COW my inner voices can be vicious. At least my initial reactions before I question them anyway! But whether they’re thoughts I’ve always had and weren’t aware of ’til now, or they’re residual thoughts from belief systems in past lives— this stuff has me completely appalled at myself as of late.

I try not to judge myself too harshly for having the thoughts, because we ALL come from a broken society where it has been rough to survive in many ways. But these thoughts still do appall me; they feel like a foreign invader in my consciousness! It has been most helpful for me to question the thought outright – to acknowledge that it’s invalid – but NOT with an emotional charge or shame about it. Then I am free to simply replace it, saying something like, “Thank you, but I choose this way instead.” The mindset of this work is more of a curiosity and exploration than a self-shaming, an excavation of the thought process, in the sense that you try to get to the root of whoever is doing the thinking.

Let me explain. We all have inner voices that speak to us. Whether you call them your thoughts, your ego, various parts of your personality, your ancestors, spirit guides, angels, entities, or simply “voices,” there isn’t a single person here who doesn’t experience this. The gift of hearing these voices – especially those from higher realms – is greatly stigmatized as is the full range of psychic gifts which are called “mental health problems” in our society. (FYI, the gift of hearing words from the Divine in your consciousness is called “clairaudience.”)

But you have to discern and that’s the key. Sometimes these voices don’t tell you things from the Divine, instead they’re destructive and misleading. You can tell by the way they feel. Input from the Divine feels expansive, resonant, harmonizing – and it’s usually based in Love and appreciation. You feel it in your HEART. In contrast, you can also be hearing ego judgments and recurring feedback loops from parts of yourself (or your ancestral lineage) that are still traumatized or in pain. You feel these in your HEAD. They feel constrictive, anxious-making, heavy, and sometimes sticky in that they try really hard to root into your consciousness and make you believe them as Truth. Keep in mind that these afflicted parts of you may not all be from this lifetime.


Part of Gurdjieff’s school of thought called “The Work” or “The Fourth Way” pertains to these inner voices, and while his work is DENSE and full of amazing fruits, one major takeaway I received was that the ego is not made up of one unified voice. It wants you to think it is one unified voice of course, but it is not actually that strong in fact. The ego is made up of hundreds of weaker voices – your ancestors speaking to you through your DNA, all of the versions of yourself from this lifetime including your child self, teenage self, young adult self, etc, your archetypes and roles, your various aspired selves, your shadow self, et al. They key is to see them each as their own entity, and identify them as you go, lest you mistake them for your true self. For instance, “that’s just my rebel talking” or “that must be my dad’s voice” or “I can choose another way now that I’m not in that painful stage of my life anymore.”

Eckhart Tolle’s “The Power of Now” also touches on this, calling attention to the presence underneath which observes all – this true source of yourself, the part of you connected to your highest truth and the Divine, he calls “The Watcher.” It is a background witness of all that goes on, and it is critical that you come to identify as this witness instead of the stream of voices that you think of as “You.”

Well back to what I was saying, lately I’ve been noticing the huge amount of thoughts that automatically occur within my consciousness that are destructive toward others (and thus myself). I see a homeless man on the street and I think he’s “dirty.” I see a hispanic woman with a large family and I question whether she can afford to care for them. I see a wealthy person in an Escalade and I think how they must be out of touch with themselves. It is so harmful! Because what we are doing when we think those thoughts is actually casting a “spell” on those people – or otherwise adding our creative power (attention) to that negative reality, helping this destructiveness to manifest in their lives.


So lately I’ve been noticing and redirecting the thoughts immediately, but it has me learning this very powerful lesson about PROJECTION. Now, there’s a lot to this topic, but projection occurs when you mistake your own beliefs and experiences as the absolute framework of the world, often imposing an outward expression of your internal world. For instance, a Christian might see people as either Christians or sinners. This leaves no room for them to be anything else but a figure in that spectrum. The fact that they might be an artist, father, community leader, etc. goes completely unseen due to the projection of the observer.

It’s important and highly relevant to note that this is how racism operates also – i.e. seeing people only as a caricature or stereotype based on their skin color, and overlooking their humanity and their soul. This is huge in our current society and it has everything to do with the ills of projection. For instance, one might see a black woman and see that only – their gifts, pains, hopes, community roles, and ability to create is ignored, where this kind of “portrait” is put on top of them which limits them. In line with a lot of people in our country at this time, I have been uprooting a lot of my own racist beliefs and it is appalling how much is there.

Another major way I see this show up is in romantic relationships – the reason you liked a lot of people that you have is because of an image you projected onto them in the beginning stages. How many times has a relationship petered out once you actually got to know someone? Again… this is a result of projection.


We’re talking here about  a fundamental lesson of organic human life: to clear the mind of its chatter so that you can be fully present with what’s in front of you. I’m seeing so many ways that I don’t always make space to receive people as they are, because my mind is often too busy telling myself what they are as I perceive them to be.

I once read a book called “Effective Listening,” which focused squarely on the idea of creating space within yourself when you are in a conversation. As I interpreted it, the idea was to still your mind to make yourself a vessel, aiming to maintain a space that could be filled up with what the other person is saying. In this way, you can actually receive or “be with” the input you receive, letting it settle into your being and worldview. The alternative to this space is effectively a rejection or a “bounce back” of the energy, a “return to sender” if you will. Thus the downfall of most interactions is that each person is projecting their own ideas onto the conversation and focusing on what they’re going to say instead of truly taking in what is occurring.

I read that book many years ago. But now, after much spiritual exploration of my depths, it’s like I am truly seeing with new eyes the people, situations, and even plants and objects around me. I am questioning the initial reactions I have which are harmful and separatist in nature – whether they’re racist, classist, ableist, biased about attractiveness or sexual orientation or some other paradigm that isn’t actually ME, I am taking responsibility for my own consciousness and pruning away whatever is not organic and heart-centered, in terms of what I have been programmed by a sick society to believe.

Because what most people don’t realize is that most of our experience is actually with ourselves. We walk around and take the world in, but most experiences are limited by the image you have of them in your mind. This projection from your own thoughts to the outside world leaves no room to actually take in the world. 


In contrast, when you get to the point where you can create room in yourself by clearing away old programming, you start to experience what is called “TRUE SIGHT” – namely, seeing with the eyes of God. You go around and notice the magic of simple things – the way the roses are boldly blooming, the call of the birds on the wind, the joy of the sunshine on your skin, the bursts of laughter from a toddler nearby – you SEE people, all in various forms and expressions and stages of evolution – you see their struggle underneath the surface, you see their hopes on their sleeves, you can see the Divine in them, because you are giving them room to truly express themselves as they naturally are, without what you think thrown onto them.

This kind of presence is a gift that not many have the stamina and understanding to develop, but it is a gift to ALL beings on the planet, as well as to yourself. I can’t tell you the joys I get from sitting in a public place and just observing the life forms around me. I can feel the essence of people, tasting them like flavors, I can connect wholeheartedly with a bird or squirrel or plant across the way, and I can telepathically tell them with all of the Love I can muster that – I see you, just as you are, and you are magnificent.

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Galactic companions on this journey through space

Writing with opened eyes and heart, so full of wonder from last weekend. I want to write a post about it because I am overjoyed at the feelings I have been left with!

The first and most obvious takeaway I received was how powerful it is to be surrounded by people who live in the same reality as you. Those who feel with their energetic senses. Those who have lived on the fringes of society. Those who know what it’s like to live from the perspective of the Earth itself. Those who are also sensitive to the complex layers of this life. I am so grateful to this festival for gathering us in one place!

There was a profound field of energy surrounding the entire weekend. To know that in approaching any single person, you are guaranteed to engage with someone who is likewise on a mission to build a new reality on this planet, and that there’s no limit to what you can bring up – POWERFUL. This alone was a paradigm shift for me.

But then there were the speakers – Lee Harris, master channeler and beacon for the conscious community; Patrick Kronfli, organizer of global meditations through the compelling platform Unify; global leader in innovative ecological thought Daniel Pinchbeck; Ascension guide and shepherd of the Earth, Sandra Walter, who also created the Sunday Global Unity Meditations (more info here); and so many amazing others. What a total honor to connect with all of them personally!

And because this festival is only in its second year, there is a beautiful intimacy about it that feels like it brings your heart into this web of evolved people who feel like good friends.

(Super) regrettably, I didn’t realize the booths were only available on Saturday, and I decided to wait until Sunday to shop. BIG regret on this one!! There were so many amazing opportunities to connect. I will just have to wait until next year….

On Sunday was a gathering of all of us in a room underneath a glorious chandelier to meditate with the support of two powerful sound healers, a woman and a man, and what a profound space it was to be with everyone! It’s not often that you get to join forces with that many conscious people, and I was experiencing a beautiful connection with Source, an alignment of my energetic field on SO many levels, and a few reeeeally potent downloads that brought me into exciting new levels of clarity about my purpose.

After the meditation we were led by Sandra Walter in an exercise where we all divided into groups, brainstormed about what we saw for the new earth, and brought it all back to share with the whole – once all ideas were shared, we supercharged the visions with groupwide OMs. WOWOW, it was amazing to see the diversity of ideas everyone had! We discussed things as a cleanup crew for the old ways; reeducation for all peoples based on emotional intelligence; new protocols for support with life experiences such as death and birth; even an airport for spaceships! It’s such a transformational exercise to sit and imagine what the earth can be like once the paradigm of disempowerment and misinformation and parasitism has fully passed. Back to that whole quote by Socrates, “If you want to create change, focus all of your energy upon building the new, not fighting the old.” This festival absolutely nailed it!

And while there were many people there who I didn’t get to meet, I am really really grateful to have been a part of this festival and feel privileged to have gotten to experience it. I can already feel it will expand immensely as the demand for this kind of gathering increases with our spiritual awakening. Many thanks to the organizers and supporters of this event for bringing it here!


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I was called to attend this year’s Conscious Media Festival to frolic around and meet people, learn about their projects, connect creators, and play among the brilliant minds who are developing plans for NEW EARTH. This is utterly exciting beyond what I can say!!

This time next week, I will be expanding, expanding!

But wait just a minute now. What is “New Earth”?!

New Earth is a concept put forth by Eckhart Tolle, in his book with the same title. His first book, “The Power of Now,” was utterly life changing for me, and the way I look at it, “The Power of Now” is about the awakening process of the individual, whereas “A New Earth” builds on that concept for bringing about the awakening of the collective – covering ideas on innovative approaches to topics such as mental health, community structures, money, humanitarianism, etc. Well in the larger context of conscious communities, “New Earth” has become the key phrase to describe the new paradigms that are on their way. Ideas such as community farming, communal living, earthships, intergalactic & interdimensional awareness, and other future-based concepts all fall under the banner, and Conscious Media Festival is all about connecting people who are committed to making media that promotes it all!

Socrates said, “if you want to create change, focus all of your energy upon building the new, not fighting the old.” I live my life by this quote, and to me, bringing people together under the cause of dreaming about the NEW, instead of marching in the streets lamenting the old, is absoluuuutely the way to go.

So you can imagine that I was sooo excited when I found out about this festival. YES I will go, and I will bring my A-game, because this is a cause big enough for me to rally all of myself behind!!!

The festival is in its second year, and as such there is a lot innovation and creativity yet to come. I haven’t yet gotten the privilege of meeting too many of the minds behind it, but I feel overwhelmingly grateful and giddy about this opportunity to deepen my connection to the creators of this new world.

I don’t know about you, but I am a person who’s completely devoted to the efforts of evolving our world, on every front – I believe that we are living in a world that’s increasingly crumbling around us, such as evidenced by: governmental ineptitude, the blandness & inauthenticity of the mainstream media, the harmfulness of our food industry and health care system, the general feeling of insecurity we all have around the ability of our “leaders” to take care of our needs…

By now, everyone is feeling that our systems are at least somewhat outdated. And of course, there’s nothing wrong with “resisting” or “fighting” for your cause, I mean do what your heart tells you and all that, but if you ask me, it’s incredibly inefficient in terms of energy and resource management to fight “against.” As most spiritually aware people know, anything you fight against grows bigger against you, because you give your power to it. You can be “anti” something, but it is WAY more effective to focus on the cause of “pro” the opposite. For instance, if you are “anti-hunger,” you could switch to being “pro-food drives,” and it’s the same cause, but in a different (and wayyy more empowering) framework.

So NO I will not give my life force to the “resistance,” I will spend my energy dreaming about the new world, envisioning what I actually WANT to have in my ideal communities, and gravitating toward people who also understand that the game of “resistance” is engineered to tie up your energy so you don’t build the new.

Well anyway, I don’t know about you, but depending on where you’re at in your journey of self-transformation, you may feel like you’re on a MISSION. And if you feel this way – if you feel a calling to learn more about what is coming in (particularly energetically), and to explore alternative, cutting-edge approaches to world healing and innovation, this festival is a huge opportunity for you (especially if you live in Austin!). It’s an investment, but where else are you going to get access to all of it, all in one place, where you can actually meet and talk to such global leaders?

For a list of presenters, see here. (Sandra Walter! Daniel Pinchbeck! Collective Evolution! And more….)
For a schedule of the event, see here.
For ticket information, go here.

If you’re in Austin and unable to attend the entire festival, I recommend looking into Saturday night’s party and just attending that! Golden Dawn Arkestra DJ set!!! Playtime with intergalactically aware creator minds! Costumes! Visual art! Light show! Facebook event HERE!

We are in a revolution people! A revolution of social norms, a revolution of philosophy, a revolution of media, a revolution of theory about our place in the cosmos – a revolution on ALL fronts. It’s time we stop lamenting the problems and step into our power as creators of a new reality. This festival is a nexus point for like minds. Come PLAY!

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the shadow

The Shadow by Steven Kenny

The Shadow. Otherwise known as the quintessential idea of “darkness” (or “evil,” or “the devil,” or “demons” — though more accurately understood as “unconsciousness”), the Shadow is the topic of the day right now, even if many don’t realize it directly. All of these exposés, confessions, and rapid change of public opinion regarding formerly strong-held institutions are verrrrry shadowy in nature.

But what exactly is the Shadow? How do you actually define it?

Well, like anything in Carl Jung’s realm of absolutely pregnant ideas, the definition is fluid and largely relative to the context you’re discussing it in. But you could basically say that the Shadow is an aspect of our subconscious – in other words, everything that lives in the underbelly of our human (or animalistic) nature. It is the swampy, soupy, icky energy of our “dark side” that we don’t want to admit to having – the seedier and more raw sides to our personality – our “personal demons,” as it were.

Though significantly, it doesn’t really have to be “dark” as in “evil.” “Dark” in the more precise understanding moreso means “unconscious” or “unknown,” i.e. literally not illuminated by your conscious mind, and thus unable to be seen (it’s the same idea with the word “occult,” which most people think means “evil” or “satanic,” but it really just means “hidden,” in reference to secret, often magical, knowledge).

The reason why you want to learn about this is because there is a huge chance that you’re driven by your unconscious mind unknowingly. You know how public figures get taken down once their dark side comes to light? Well like them, in anything you do (especially publicly), your shadow traits are liable to being “found out” and used against you. So the only defense is for you to find out and heal those parts of you FIRST.

Plus, to truly manifest what you want in this world, and to be absolutely certain that your cause is noble and not in truth detrimental, you must make sure that there are no drives in your unconscious mind operating against your conscious desires. You could be sabotaging yourself (and others) without even knowing it!

I have put together some rudimentary elements that I think are important when considering the Shadow, which all things considered, is quite a vast topic. So while lengthy, this is by no means an exhaustive exploration, and rather a foundational basis from which you can then start to dig for your own understanding. This is depth psychology, and it’s not for everyone, because everyone simply does not have the capacity to understand it. I have tried to bring it down, but it’s a very abstract concept generally speaking, and there’s a LOT to it, so if you’re feeling up to it – grab your backpack, put on your safari hat and let’s get to exploring!

Oh yeah, and please keep your hands inside the car AT ALL TIMES! I can assure you that you are perfectly safe, but the Shadow does not fuck around. So get ready for a long ride through the Underworld, and remember to stay alert, ya heard?  ۞

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I want to talk about being a highly sensitive person.

I want to talk about this a LOT actually. It has been difficult for me all of my life to feel and see so deeply – most of my social memories until a certain point are quite negative, with me being blatantly outcast, rejected, shamed, shunned, and/or misunderstood. It was only recently when I learned about high sensitivity as a scientifically-researched phenomenon that I came to see it for what it is – a superpower.

A friend turned me onto this book by Elaine Aron. You know those books that when you read them you reframe your entire existence in the context of their insights? This one has been one of those for me. It’s about the growing body of research on this topic where Highly Sensitive People (or “HSPs”, though I call them simply “sensitives”) are defined as a portion of the population with a gene predisposing them to heightened sensitivity, making up only about 15-20% of the population, equal for males and females. Interestingly this same gene is also present in over 100 different species.

The implications are enormous!!!

Sensitivity, the author explains, pertains to both a heightened reactiveness to stimuli as well as certain cognitive tendencies such as processing information more deeply and picking up on subtler information underneath the surface of events. Thus if you were an HSP you would be unable to avoid reading into situations more deeply than others – indeed more deeply than would 80% of the population – as perhaps seeing the depression hanging behind someone’s smile or sensing the discomfort someone has with your success or picking up on the subtlest of cues such as a raised eyebrow or a furtive glance or a nervous tapping of someone’s foot – all which give away certain things about the person’s emotional or psychological state.

I have felt this sensitivity all my life. And I have become so painfully aware of how few people understand it! Well the author makes this overarching point about the western world denigrating and devaluing sensitivity, citing a study wherein school kids were surveyed – “What makes the popular kids so well liked?” And in the west, the common descriptors were “outgoing”, “talkative”, “energetic” whereas in the east the descriptors were “reserved”, “composed,” “mature”….

Well this devaluation pervades our culture, including Western psychology. Sensitivity has been negatively attributed to people under various terms (“neurotic”, “introverted”, “shy”, etc) since our imperialist origins require the “superior” paradigm to be externally oriented – fighting and screaming and competing, essentially penetrating outwards. Well sensitive people tend to lean toward the inner worlds. As Carl Jung put it, sensitive people are “educators and promoters of culture”… they live “the other possibility of the interior life which is so incredibly wanting in our civilization.”

For even more sociological context, Aron also suggests that throughout history, HSPs were known as members of the “royal advisory class” which cultivated power in the esoteric realms for survival, as opposed to the “warrior-king class” which cultivated power by brute force. This “royal advisory class” pertains to such archetypes as the shamans, witches, healers, priests, etc which have influenced every society in various roles since the Neolithic revolution (the point at which humans began agricultural practices and thus developing settlements).

I could write for days about this and I’m sure I will in time, but for now I will bullet point the key points as I see them:

  • The author makes an overarching point about the negative bias the imperialist West places on sensitivity which programs HSPs to have low self-esteem from the get go
  • There is no spectrum of sensitivity – you either have the gene or you do not
  • The parts of the brain more active in HSPs are the insula, known as “the seat of consciousness” (moment to moment processing center) and the mirror neuron system which is how empathy works
  • HSPs have a greater capacity for both sadness and joy, a concept called “vantage sensitivity”
  • Trauma has a much more devastating effect on HSPs than others, especially childhood trauma
  • As a survival strategy we process so thoroughly the implications of what occurs and we are thus less likely to make the same mistake again
  • HSPs are extremely affected by their environment, called “differential susceptibility”
  • HSPs have a hard time displaying their competence when being evaluated or watched (they are keenly aware of the judgment & scrutiny)
  • Sensitivity is inherited, and if two HSPs reproduce their child is even more sensitive (studied in dogs)
  • She also gives concrete techniques for managing the trait and its downsides
  • The spiritual term for it is “empath”

To take the simple self-test to determine if you are sensitive, go here.
To get the book, go here.

Basically, if you feel misunderstood, constantly deeper than most you meet, often tired for no apparent reason, read this book!

Holy moly what a gem!!!

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