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The age of information, brought to you by handheld computers that fit in your pocket. We tune in and we never tune out. Unless you’re skilled in the art of…….. cellphone etiquette?

That’s right, folks, I’m giving away the million-dollar idea to write a Cell Phone Etiquette Guide. Why does the world need this, you may ask? Well that’s due to the fact that cell phones are such a new part of our society that we apes don’t know how to be considerate with them!

There are just certain things you don’t do. You don’t text while you’re having dinner with someone. You don’t have a phone call in the car when other people are riding with you. You don’t play whats-it-called-app when someone is attempting to connect with you.

We people are so in search of connection that we scroll and scroll and scroll down all the newsfeeds we can consume and yet, we are more disconnected than ever. You’re only gonna get those fuzzy feelings if you’re face to face with someone else. Disconnect from Facebook life and connect with plain ol’ magical LIFE. Ya hear me?

I advise you to look around when you’re alone at a coffee shop. It’s not shameful, or silly, or sucky to be alone in public. There is all kinds of life going on around you. Maybe you could meet your next client, or your next girlfriend, or your next best friend. Maybe you will find $50 on the ground. Maybe you will see something you like and give someone a compliment. But not in front of that phone you won’t! The best you can hope for while on your phone is to be considered cliché by some half-awake bystander.

Either way – you are not your Facebook status, or your Instagram handle, or your Twitter cleverness. You are a living, breathing human and you need living, breathing human interaction. Find the magic around you… you’ll find that it expands when you give your attention to it. Get on that level – your humanness is begging you to.

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