New Moon in Capricorn 1/16/18…. Along with 5 other planets. Yow!

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new moon in cap 1-16-18

The might of the goat is upon us. How we find ourselves furiously planning for the new! Lately I am seeing in my community a great urgency to define and to make sense of what we are each here to do. Concrete planning, people expanding to hold their higher versions, a newfound synergy between roles, and a great recognition of the interdependence necessary to thrive together. The new systems are coming in, and FAST!

It is so beautiful how everyone is feeling the need to get serious and develop their ideas in a concrete way… I am so excited to watch us all bloom!

Of course, the drive to define right now could be due to the major influence from Capricorn, as we have a record number of planets here at this time: 6 planetary bodies forming a stellium in the sign. A “stellium” is 3+ planetary bodies in one zodiac sign. We have 6! Definitely an atypical amount of energy & weight in one area. If you are new to astrology, basically how you can think of this is by seeing the sky as a pie chart, with each zodiac sign being a slice (imagine the zodiac wheel in pie chart slices overlayed on the sky). The planets move through the sky at different paces according to their different elliptical orbit lengths. In a general sense, what this means is that each planet takes a certain amount of years to “return” where it started (to make one full cycle) and thus the outer planets move more slowly than others, as each increasingly outer planet has a longer and longer orbit (see video for reference here). As of today on January 16th, 2018, we have SIX planetary bodies close together in the pie slice that is Capricorn: the Sun and now the Moon, Pluto, Mercury, Venus, and Saturn. All of these various energies are joined together under the Capricorn banner, which makes all of their energies interact and compound their forces into one big giant “YOW!”

This influx of wise and long-sighted focus with this Capricornian new moon conjunction quite interestingly coincides with the recent shift of Saturn moving into Capricorn also. In case you missed it, Saturn moving into Cap on December 20th of last year was a major movement in the sky, as it takes an entire Saturn orbit cycle of 29 YEARS for Saturn to return to its beloved Capricornian home. Aside from the fact that Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, and that they are both earth-based energies, Saturn just looooves to be in Capricorn because they both represent these very grounded “wisdom keeper” or “teacher” type of roles, i.e. somewhat stern and all-knowing mentor (or master) archetypes. The two energies are highly complimentary, and since Saturn represents your ability to build and master your own life, well, then….. you bet this task will be wayyy easier at this time. For the next 3 years actually, score!

The Sun has of course joined Saturn too as you may have noticed with the birthdays of your Capricorn friends occurring. With all of this going on in Cap, you may have been feeling an urge to focus on your long-term aspirations and goals, your ultimate desires for this life, ideas for leaving a legacy, the organization of your knowledge and beliefs, and a redefinition or reorientation to where you are at in the journey in relation to the grand scheme. These urges to set a better foundation will be amplified by the intense amount of presence in this sign at this time.

(It’s also worth noting that if you have been neglecting your life lessons and shirking your responsibility, this time can be quite brutal for you, but if you have been doing your work and showing up for yourself…. the Saturnine Goat will continue to ally himself with you, leading to a boost in your life!)

Capricorn is the oldest of the earth signs, the most evolved of the three (Taurus, Virgo, Cap). He represents the goat – he who climbs mountains, focusing only on the peak. In older references he is also known as the sea-goat, origin of which is a myth shrouded in mystery, but which we understand as a goat with a mermaidian tail – a creature who carries the mysteries of the sea and synthesizes it with the concrete wisdom of the earth. He is considered a heavy, intense energy in that he represents lessons around your bottom line and structural mastery (or lack thereof). His focus is on the long-term and integrity before power: preparation for the journey, the foundation, monitoring the moving parts as they relate to the whole, daily habits, organization, commitment, and hard truths which define limitations (and thus parameters, which ultimately foster creative growth!).

As for the lunar influence on this night, New Moons are a time when the moon has no light on it whatsoever, and thus it’s in a place of total rebirth. At this time, the moon is conjunct with (close to) the Sun in the sky and thus has no light to illuminate it on the side that we see (as opposed to a full moon which is directly opposite the sun in the sky…. leading to direct illumination at fullest capacity). Historically this is a time when healers and shamanic peoples will “cast seeds” in the form of intentions for what they want in the coming moon cycle, to manifest at the full moon two weeks later.

It’s interesting to note that this New Moon is exactly between the two Full Supermoons of Jaunary, which just so happen to perfectly bookend the month: the first having already occurred in Cancer on January 1st, and the second which will occur in Leo on January 31st. What’s more, the second full supermoon of this month will also be a lunar eclipse, which is when the moon turns red as a blood moon!

All of this to say…. it is truly a fantastic idea to sit down at this time (and over the next week or so) to think about what you’d like to manifest in the next 3 years while Saturn is in Capricorn. What invigorates you about your future when you think about it? What makes you feel passion, and how can you make more time for that in your life? Are there any people who are doing something that you’d like to do who you could model after? What habits aren’t serving you, and what habits can you replace them with? What resources and connections will you need to accomplish your goal(s)?

Generally speaking, now is a good time to be focusing on clearing away all debris from failures that came before and organizing your present reality. Do it BEFORE you try to manifest any big new plans. This is the lesson of Capricorn: doing a good job on the foundation is the only way to truly know that your power is secure.

So it’s a NEW MOON, with helluva lot of staying power behind it – spend some time with yourself and get clear on your visions for life! What do you want to focus all of this energy on? A good intention has three elements if you ask me: 1) It’s simple, and said in the present tense, as if it is already real; 2) It focuses on what you want to see instead of what you don’t; 3) It uplifts, energizes, or otherwise excites you when you read it.

“I am confident in pursuing my goal of writing a book.”
“I joyously approach problems in my life as opportunities to grow.”
“I cultivate compassion for everyone I encounter on my path.”


Set a good one for yourself this evening, and watch it GROW each day with the moon!

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