Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Leo 1/31/18 – Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse 

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leo lunar eclipse

We have a major movement occurring on the last day of this month. It’s actually quite rare, as these circumstances haven’t been seen for 150 years. That’s because it’s a Full Supermoon, meaning it’s closer to the earth and thus appears larger; it’s a Blue Moon, meaning it’s the second full moon in one month, and it’s also a “Blood Moon,” aka a Lunar Eclipse.

Spiritually speaking, eclipses are very powerful portals for realignment and deep reflections, and they create a massive opening for authenticity in the collective consciousness. They can be powerfully transformative, sometimes causing abrupt changes and major twists, but ultimately just to get things back on track!

So you really want to watch what you’re doing around eclipses, because since what are known as “eclipse seasons occur about every half a year, they “set” a 6-month cycle in your psyche, meaning whatever you are going through at this time can be expected to play out over the next six months and culminate during the next round. By the same token, if you think back to the last Lunar Eclipse on August 7, 2017, and the utterly charged Total Solar Eclipse on August 21, you may find that whatever was going on then is wrapping up around now with the completion of the 6-month cycle. That time was super charged if you remember, so be aware of this recurring intensity as it’s reawakened to be better settled into place.

Overall, eclipses are like resets, similar to the idea of “unplugging” a router or going to sleep for a fresh restart in the morning. In Lunar Eclipses, this reset occurs in the emotional or subconscious reality, as the moon moves through and comes to embody the shadow of the earth, symbolically seen as a “drumming up” or “rifling through” all of the things we haven’t been wanting to look at. Which, the moon does go through the “dark side” on a regular basis, but at the Lunar Eclipse it just so happens to line up so the Earth’s shadow directly covers it. You can see the symbolism in the moon “taking on” the shadow of the earth, that we might be able to see it.

Lunar eclipse

Lunar Eclipses necessarily occur on a full moon, when the moon and the sun are opposite to each other. You can see them from anywhere in the world as long as it is nighttime there. A great resource for visualizing the movements is the short video here. These eclipses can occur with the North Node or the South Node, which are mathematical points calculated by the orbit of the moon. At some point I will write a post expanding on the nodes (and see the linked video for a basic visual understanding), but for now the idea is that the North Node traditionally represents one’s destiny, or the direction of one’s highest potential and ultimate goal for their growth. The South Node represents what one has already mastered and the “launching pad” that one is evolving away from. We each have our own individual nodes that drive us in a general sense – fixed depending on where the moon was when we were born – as well as a collective set of nodes, which change once every 18 months (next changing to Capricorn>Cancer on November 6th). Right now, our collective nodes are set at Aquarius>Leo, with the North Node in Leo being a general influence driving us to “come out” as our biggest, brightest selves.

What you need to know is that this full moon is aligned with our North Node, known as a North Node Lunar Eclipse (as opposed to a South Node Lunar Eclipse). North Node Lunar Eclipses pertain to the future – our hopes, dreams, aspirations, and ideas for a better life. In contrast, South Node Lunar Eclipses pertain to the past, and lessons, journeys traveled, ideas that have passed from our lives. Thus, this Full Supermoon & Lunar Eclipse in Leo is encouraging us to powerfully step into our future dreams and assess any limitations that are preventing us from stepping into the light of our own fire. It is all about your future, and addressing whatever needs to leave your life so that your true self may unfold.

Some questions you can ask yourself are:
What outdated beliefs do I have about myself that are impeding my future self from coming in? What activity is my soul yearning for more of? Is there anything really important I want to experience before I die? What are my modes of self-expression, and am I getting enough of them? How am I being called to share myself with this world, whether in big or small ways?

Some notes on seeing the eclipse:
I live in Texas, and the time is Central Standard Time (CST). The actual shadow on the moon (including it becoming red) starts between 6 – 7 am on January 31st. However the moon will be quite close to the horizon, so if you want to be able to see it, make sure you go to a high place with a clear view!

For all others, see the link here to figure out when/if you can see it.

Whether you get to see it or not, this is a GREAT night to get out and bask in the moonlight in general as the energies are very potent for reflection. Try putting out any sacred objects or crystals you want to absorb the majesty of this moon (if you can, making sure they’re actually put in the light). This is also a great time to revisit the intention you set at the Capricorn New Moon on 1/16, and appreciate any ways that it has come to pass. And then, if you are inclined to create a deeper space, you could always make an altar to the moon and give her offerings! — Ideas could be perfumed water, flowers, pearls or moonstone, milk of any kind, anything the color of periwinkle. Sing her a song, write her a poem, paint her a picture….. The point is to thank her for everything she does for us. She will thank you powerfully in return!

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  1. Nikki said:

    This is amazing! I had no idea what the bodes represented in our charts either! Thank you♥️

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