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I was called to attend this year’s Conscious Media Festival to frolic around and meet people, learn about their projects, connect creators, and play among the brilliant minds who are developing plans for NEW EARTH. This is utterly exciting beyond what I can say!!

This time next week, I will be expanding, expanding!

But wait just a minute now. What is “New Earth”?!

New Earth is a concept put forth by Eckhart Tolle, in his book with the same title. His first book, “The Power of Now,” was utterly life changing for me, and the way I look at it, “The Power of Now” is about the awakening process of the individual, whereas “A New Earth” builds on that concept for bringing about the awakening of the collective – covering ideas on innovative approaches to topics such as mental health, community structures, money, humanitarianism, etc. Well in the larger context of conscious communities, “New Earth” has become the key phrase to describe the new paradigms that are on their way. Ideas such as community farming, communal living, earthships, intergalactic & interdimensional awareness, and other future-based concepts all fall under the banner, and Conscious Media Festival is all about connecting people who are committed to making media that promotes it all!

Socrates said, “if you want to create change, focus all of your energy upon building the new, not fighting the old.” I live my life by this quote, and to me, bringing people together under the cause of dreaming about the NEW, instead of marching in the streets lamenting the old, is absoluuuutely the way to go.

So you can imagine that I was sooo excited when I found out about this festival. YES I will go, and I will bring my A-game, because this is a cause big enough for me to rally all of myself behind!!!

The festival is in its second year, and as such there is a lot innovation and creativity yet to come. I haven’t yet gotten the privilege of meeting too many of the minds behind it, but I feel overwhelmingly grateful and giddy about this opportunity to deepen my connection to the creators of this new world.

I don’t know about you, but I am a person who’s completely devoted to the efforts of evolving our world, on every front – I believe that we are living in a world that’s increasingly crumbling around us, such as evidenced by: governmental ineptitude, the blandness & inauthenticity of the mainstream media, the harmfulness of our food industry and health care system, the general feeling of insecurity we all have around the ability of our “leaders” to take care of our needs…

By now, everyone is feeling that our systems are at least somewhat outdated. And of course, there’s nothing wrong with “resisting” or “fighting” for your cause, I mean do what your heart tells you and all that, but if you ask me, it’s incredibly inefficient in terms of energy and resource management to fight “against.” As most spiritually aware people know, anything you fight against grows bigger against you, because you give your power to it. You can be “anti” something, but it is WAY more effective to focus on the cause of “pro” the opposite. For instance, if you are “anti-hunger,” you could switch to being “pro-food drives,” and it’s the same cause, but in a different (and wayyy more empowering) framework.

So NO I will not give my life force to the “resistance,” I will spend my energy dreaming about the new world, envisioning what I actually WANT to have in my ideal communities, and gravitating toward people who also understand that the game of “resistance” is engineered to tie up your energy so you don’t build the new.

Well anyway, I don’t know about you, but depending on where you’re at in your journey of self-transformation, you may feel like you’re on a MISSION. And if you feel this way – if you feel a calling to learn more about what is coming in (particularly energetically), and to explore alternative, cutting-edge approaches to world healing and innovation, this festival is a huge opportunity for you (especially if you live in Austin!). It’s an investment, but where else are you going to get access to all of it, all in one place, where you can actually meet and talk to such global leaders?

For a list of presenters, see here. (Sandra Walter! Daniel Pinchbeck! Collective Evolution! And more….)
For a schedule of the event, see here.
For ticket information, go here.

If you’re in Austin and unable to attend the entire festival, I recommend looking into Saturday night’s party and just attending that! Golden Dawn Arkestra DJ set!!! Playtime with intergalactically aware creator minds! Costumes! Visual art! Light show! Facebook event HERE!

We are in a revolution people! A revolution of social norms, a revolution of philosophy, a revolution of media, a revolution of theory about our place in the cosmos – a revolution on ALL fronts. It’s time we stop lamenting the problems and step into our power as creators of a new reality. This festival is a nexus point for like minds. Come PLAY!

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the shadow

The Shadow by Steven Kenny

The Shadow. Otherwise known as the quintessential idea of “darkness” (or “evil,” or “the devil,” or “demons” — though more accurately understood as “unconsciousness”), the Shadow is the topic of the day right now, even if many don’t realize it directly. All of these exposés, confessions, and rapid change of public opinion regarding formerly strong-held institutions are verrrrry shadowy in nature.

But what exactly is the Shadow? How do you actually define it?

Well, like anything in Carl Jung’s realm of absolutely pregnant ideas, the definition is fluid and largely relative to the context you’re discussing it in. But you could basically say that the Shadow is an aspect of our subconscious – in other words, everything that lives in the underbelly of our human (or animalistic) nature. It is the swampy, soupy, icky energy of our “dark side” that we don’t want to admit to having – the seedier and more raw sides to our personality – our “personal demons,” as it were.

Though significantly, it doesn’t really have to be “dark” as in “evil.” “Dark” in the more precise understanding moreso means “unconscious” or “unknown,” i.e. literally not illuminated by your conscious mind, and thus unable to be seen (it’s the same idea with the word “occult,” which most people think means “evil” or “satanic,” but it really just means “hidden,” in reference to secret, often magical, knowledge).

The reason why you want to learn about this is because there is a huge chance that you’re driven by your unconscious mind unknowingly. You know how public figures get taken down once their dark side comes to light? Well like them, in anything you do (especially publicly), your shadow traits are liable to being “found out” and used against you. So the only defense is for you to find out and heal those parts of you FIRST.

Plus, to truly manifest what you want in this world, and to be absolutely certain that your cause is noble and not in truth detrimental, you must make sure that there are no drives in your unconscious mind operating against your conscious desires. You could be sabotaging yourself (and others) without even knowing it!

I have put together some rudimentary elements that I think are important when considering the Shadow, which all things considered, is quite a vast topic. So while lengthy, this is by no means an exhaustive exploration, and rather a foundational basis from which you can then start to dig for your own understanding. This is depth psychology, and it’s not for everyone, because everyone simply does not have the capacity to understand it. I have tried to bring it down, but it’s a very abstract concept generally speaking, and there’s a LOT to it, so if you’re feeling up to it – grab your backpack, put on your safari hat and let’s get to exploring!

Oh yeah, and please keep your hands inside the car AT ALL TIMES! I can assure you that you are perfectly safe, but the Shadow does not fuck around. So get ready for a long ride through the Underworld, and remember to stay alert, ya heard?  ۞

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There’s a powerful storm of newness a’brewing. Not only is it the start of the Chinese New Year (welcome to the year of the Earth Dog, friends!), but there’s a new lunar cycle, plus eclipse season is upon us. And lemme tell ya, lately there’s been no room for games, with these eclipses causing all kinds of abrupt challenges and realizations (I mean. Did you even FEEL that full moon on the 31st? Holy cannnnnoli!).

Which, along with rapidly deteriorating social constructs as more and more truths are brought to light (Quentin Tarantino anyone?), all of this has the result of being quite disorienting in a general sense. Like you thought you had a good grasp on things, right? Has that changed in the last two weeks? Has anything come up that you thought you had put to “rest”?

HA! Rest. What an ethereal, faraway, dream-like quality that word seems to have taken on as of late.

In any event, these eclipses are bringing us an opportunity to assess some things that we’ve taken for granted, that we might “resettle” it in a more optimal way. If it isn’t yet obvious, for clues as to where the work is occurring in your life you can think back to the Total Solar Eclipse last August, and what you were working through at that time. Whatever was emphasized then will be wrapping up now, as per the nature of the 6-month cycle. It’s all by design this way, since “eclipse seasons” (as they’re known in astronomy) occur about every six months, necessarily bringing one lunar and one solar eclipse, and sometimes even a third.

You can imagine the indigenous peoples of this planet, in a land long before “Time,” watching the skies for their cues and feeling the cycles as they come and go, designing their lives around the ebb and flow of these great rhythms provided by the shoreline in the sky. There was a profound reverence for the changes of Nature, a receptivity and a listening for her messages, much unlike how most of the world lives today, in total ignorance of our celestial neighbors and the heartbeat of their cycles as they change. These eclipse seasons would have been of utmost importance, as the relative intensity of a full or new moon with an eclipse much outweighs that of a regular new or full moon. That, and they indicate naturally when half a year has passed. (Imagine telling time by movements in the sky, instead of an arbitrary number!)

As I explained in my last post (here), eclipses are potent events that “reset” your psyche around a specific theme. In solar eclipses, this portends an assessment of the “way things are done” in a general sense – effectively they are like an energetic “checkpoint” for evaluating your overall mission, both the good AND the bad. This temporary questioning of all that you hold on the “highest shelf” can be likened to the shadow that overtakes the Earth at solar eclipses: at a time without the resources of the light, there is an opportunity to look around in the shadows, to be sure there isn’t anything we haven’t accounted for that’s taken root.

So now’s a good time to overturn every stone – especially the ones about which you are most certain. Do you have to keep going this way or is there a hidden pathway you could take? Are you sure that this is the absolute highest truth, or is there something you’re not seeing? What have you pledged you allegiance to, and is it without a doubt in the highest good of all?

As with any new moon, the energies at solar eclipses are POTENT because the Moon and Sun are conjunct in the sky, bringing a combination or “union” of their powers: an integration of the right and left brain, male and female, spiritual and physical, etc. (For a more visual understanding, see the short video here). Thus the combined gravitational pull brings an “opening” of the earth to the influence of the luminary union, and particularly to the personality of the constellation in which the Sun and Moon conjoin.

So at this time, be ready for an influx of the electricity of Aquarius – the social reformer, the wavemaker of change!


Aquarius is a welcome energy in a society wrought with scandal. Well maybe not welcomed, but certainly expected! It’s significant also because we are moving into an Aquarian age (big deal because each zodiacal age lasts ~2160 years). If the last year hasn’t gotten you to think about the future and what you want from it, well then the Age of Aquarius influence will get you daydreaming. What do you see when you dream of “the future”? Teleportation? Giant libraries? Community gardening? Moon festivals that last for days? Everyone has a dream they can add to the mix. We all are holding a piece of the paradise that is budding. See if you can start to make yours a little more clear!

Aquarius, as an air sign (corresponding with swords in the tarot), represents the mental realm, and the most evolved of our zodiac as such. It might be confusing because he is known as the “water-bearer,” but some people believe this is because the ancients did not yet know of electricity, and the thinking goes that he really represents the power of currents in the ether which they could only liken to water. This really resonates for me as quantum physics has begun to produce scientific evidence for the ether and how it works.

Regardless, think of the properties of gases and vapors – air signs tend to be quick, ever-moving, and conceptual in the most ethereal, non-physical way. Typically having to do with ideologies and belief systems, Aquarius represents the “oldest” or as I said “most evolved” energy between the three air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) and it holds the patterns of grandiose humanitarian ideals – the ideological utopia and the highest order we can imagine reaching. And on the other side of the coin,  it makes us question ideals we hold close, in case they are paradoxically harmful to the collective without our knowing.

Ruled by Uranus, Aquarius is associated with ideologies, innovation, political activism, social networks, electricity, rebellion, high ideals, and progressiveness. We have a New Moon and Solar Eclipse powerfully aligning us with this energy, helping us to move toward identifying with this higher new world. However, there is some tension here also, because this eclipse aligns with the south node, meaning it will be a prompting us to let something go, to “end” a habit, ideal, or pattern that has been keeping us back from the grand innovation (see my last post for more info on nodes). So, though we have the typical new moon cycle beckoning us to plant a seed for the new, this seed should be concerned with rectifying something that has long persisted which must go, even to the point of questioning the very essence of our cause.

As an additional indication of where to focus, there is no full moon in February, making this New Moon what’s called a “Black Moon.” This means that because it is the single lunar event in February, and because there is no Full Moon, there’s a huge introspective emphasis on this month, with the lunar energies peaking on a single new moon (which is when you focus internally, as opposed to a full moon which is more focused externally).

Thus if you haven’t been already, you can expect an intimate evaluation of your highest dreams and a simultaneous assessment of what you absolutely must let go of in order to reach that ideal. You may find that you thought you were working for a cause, only to be paradoxically aiding the opposite one. For instance an evangelical Christian might see that he has contributed to misinformation and ignorance instead of the grueling self-awareness required by “the Truth.” Things are not always what they seem, even within yourself! So utilize this event to dive deep into your ideals, because this is a powerful time to declare what you want to disconnect from, in order to get closer to the paradigm of the new.

Some questions you can ask yourself are:
What are your highest ideals for human civilization? If nothing was in the way, what would life on Earth look like to you? What are you working toward in the grand scheme, or what cause could you give your life to? With things as they are, what parts of life are you not willing to accept, and how can you spend more of your time working to change them? Who is an example of a leader for change that you admire, and why? What have you pledged your allegiance to? How do you know it’s the highest truth?

Some notes on seeing the eclipse:
The eclipse will only be visible in Antarctica and the southernmost tip of South America. However because we are all one family here on Earth, the influx of energies affect us all, and should still be observed and honored, especially with the New Moon. In central Texas it will occur from 1-5pm, peaking around 3. For more scientific or mechanistic information on the eclipse see the link here.

This is the last major event in Aquarius before we have hella Pisces energy up in here (Venus already has moved into Pisces, great for us because that’s the sign she’s most compatible with; Mercury and the Sun both join in Pisces later this week) which will bring a huge influx of dreaminess and mystery and fluidity to the stage. So before the plunge, tune in to the Aquarian wisdom available at this time for some tidying up of your mental game, and see your mission in the grand scheme align as a result!

Happy New Moon and Solar Eclipse, and happy Lunar New Year too! ❤

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