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Galactic companions on this journey through space

Writing with opened eyes and heart, so full of wonder from last weekend. I want to write a post about it because I am overjoyed at the feelings I have been left with!

The first and most obvious takeaway I received was how powerful it is to be surrounded by people who live in the same reality as you. Those who feel with their energetic senses. Those who have lived on the fringes of society. Those who know what it’s like to live from the perspective of the Earth itself. Those who are also sensitive to the complex layers of this life. I am so grateful to this festival for gathering us in one place!

There was a profound field of energy surrounding the entire weekend. To know that in approaching any single person, you are guaranteed to engage with someone who is likewise on a mission to build a new reality on this planet, and that there’s no limit to what you can bring up – POWERFUL. This alone was a paradigm shift for me.

But then there were the speakers – Lee Harris, master channeler and beacon for the conscious community; Patrick Kronfli, organizer of global meditations through the compelling platform Unify; global leader in innovative ecological thought Daniel Pinchbeck; Ascension guide and shepherd of the Earth, Sandra Walter, who also created the Sunday Global Unity Meditations (more info here); and so many amazing others. What a total honor to connect with all of them personally!

And because this festival is only in its second year, there is a beautiful intimacy about it that feels like it brings your heart into this web of evolved people who feel like good friends.

(Super) regrettably, I didn’t realize the booths were only available on Saturday, and I decided to wait until Sunday to shop. BIG regret on this one!! There were so many amazing opportunities to connect. I will just have to wait until next year….

On Sunday was a gathering of all of us in a room underneath a glorious chandelier to meditate with the support of two powerful sound healers, a woman and a man, and what a profound space it was to be with everyone! It’s not often that you get to join forces with that many conscious people, and I was experiencing a beautiful connection with Source, an alignment of my energetic field on SO many levels, and a few reeeeally potent downloads that brought me into exciting new levels of clarity about my purpose.

After the meditation we were led by Sandra Walter in an exercise where we all divided into groups, brainstormed about what we saw for the new earth, and brought it all back to share with the whole – once all ideas were shared, we supercharged the visions with groupwide OMs. WOWOW, it was amazing to see the diversity of ideas everyone had! We discussed things as a cleanup crew for the old ways; reeducation for all peoples based on emotional intelligence; new protocols for support with life experiences such as death and birth; even an airport for spaceships! It’s such a transformational exercise to sit and imagine what the earth can be like once the paradigm of disempowerment and misinformation and parasitism has fully passed. Back to that whole quote by Socrates, “If you want to create change, focus all of your energy upon building the new, not fighting the old.” This festival absolutely nailed it!

And while there were many people there who I didn’t get to meet, I am really really grateful to have been a part of this festival and feel privileged to have gotten to experience it. I can already feel it will expand immensely as the demand for this kind of gathering increases with our spiritual awakening. Many thanks to the organizers and supporters of this event for bringing it here!


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