Administrative Post – Astrology Has Moved to a New Blog!



Hi friends! This is a quick post to inform everyone that I have now made a new blog for astrology education and updates. Astrology is a passion of mine as I believe it connects us (and our psyches) to the cosmos by way of vibrational intelligence. As important as it is, I’ve been wanting to localize it to a specific place on the internet. That place is now here:

>>> ASTRO BAST <<<

I wanted to let you guys know in case you subscribed here for astrological updates, and to encourage you to sign up to receive updates by email there (just like on this one, you will find it on the right sidebar).

If you want a generalized take on astrology from my perspective, see the about page here. Thanks to all who are dedicated to learning this sacred art!

(This blog will now be a specific place for my personal evolution and experiences, current lessons and research, random late-night thoughts, and praise of others who I believe are doing amazing things. Thanks for following along, it means a lot!)


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