Loving Encounters With Strangers: Wayne at the Thrift Shop

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This is a new series of posts I want to write. I have experiences with strangers all of the time that bring me to tears. I am a particularly open-hearted person, and I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve, but I believe that this kind of experience is available to everyone who can open themselves to it. Just takes a small dose of unity consciousness, and BOOM everyone is a part of your immediate family. I swear it really is that easy!

Anyway one day recently I was at one of my favorite neighborhood thrift shops. I haven’t shared much about my passion for thrifting (it’s treasure hunting, ya know?!) but I LOVE to go and browse what other people have discarded. There is so much magic in thrift shops if you ask me.

Well I’m browsing, doing my thing you know, and I cross the main aisle to the linens. There is a medium-height black man there, quite dark, with big bright eyes, pure aura, loving energy. He’s wearing a black ballcap with sequins on it, no joke. I could just feel him, and his beautiful heart was OPEN as can be.

We met eyes, and there was an exchange, I think he asked me how I was doing. I told him that I was doing well, enjoying my weekend. He then asked me if I was from here? A little jokingly I hesitated, saying, “well yes Texas, if that’s what you mean. Houston-area originally though. Unless….. do you mean Earth?” I laugh. He looks at me out of the side of his eye, catching me in my mischief, and he plays along, but says “Yeah, I meant Austin.” There was an easy, jovial energy between us. His heart was so open, and so was mine, and we just totally met, merging consciousnesses in pure love of each other as humans. Jeez! Even now writing this I am filled with such love for him. When this happens with strangers I am just so grateful. It reminds me of how much this world really is changing.

We were in passing though, and he was moving one way and I another. But there was a hesitance to separate. He came toward me with his hand outstretched and I stretched mine out to meet him, but then we realized it was a hug we were destined for. It was simple, beautiful, pure. We met bodies and hearts, and there was an instant knowing. A pure consciousness of Love between us. We met fully, wholeheartedly and I remember him just whispering, “Jesus. Jesus. Thank you. Thank you.” I merged with the feeling of unity consciousness. The hug must have lasted for 20 seconds or more, and we just stayed there, merged with all of the universe. It was just so rejuvenating, so glorious. I felt Jesus Christ himself there with us, right in the middle of this dusty old thrift shop. It was galactic. It was planned. And it was a remembering.

We parted with gratitude pouring from us. I remember he said that his mama was calling him, and I heard her say around the corner, “Wayne?” I can’t tell you how much I loved this man. How important he is to me. How incredibly grateful I am that he exists in this world. What a meeting to remember.

Always be open friends. Ya never know when you’ll meet a new family member. We out here ya know!

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  1. Noemie Marmara said:

    Thank you Clementine. What a beautiful moment… a short story, but true this time. It’s fascinating how much self-doubt I projected onto your story: “but would I have ever even felt that it was safe? Probably not, not intuitive enough”, “my heart is so closed at the moment, this really needs to change”…. so interesting. I’m becoming conscious of how much shame and self-criticism was subconscious and it’s ruining so much! Your sharing helped me grow even more aware that that kind of experience is not yet available to me because of how little love I do have for myself. However, it nourished my awareness that it IS possible one day, and that this moment of unity WILL be available to me eventually, as I have the potential for it. YAY!

    Everything in its own time. Thank you for inspiring me daily with the dreams that I carry with you and wish to manifest too. Thank you for rendering this more possible to my mind and for feeding us with hope! I had tears in my eyes reading you, again. Your writing has become so direct, so full of feeling!

    Love you.


    2018-04-24 5:25 GMT+02:00 The Art of Clementine :

    > Clementine K. posted: “577 words // 5 min. read This is a new series of > posts I want to write. I have experiences with strangers all of the time > that bring me to tears. I am a particularly open-hearted person, and I tend > to wear my heart on my sleeve, but I believe that this” >

    • Yes lady! We are all trying to uproot the programming for predation that we were indoctrinated with. That is fascinating to hear all of the dialogue you had with the experience. All unfolds in its own time as you said. We are all in different part of our journeys. But everyone here is literally yourself! I used to struggle so much with predation also and then I found the patterns that were facilitating it in myself and uprooted them, and now they have been replaced with agency and ability to protect myself. The seeds of my powerlessness were what are now my fuel to be empowered, as I know both sides of the same coin. So it’s all in a spectrum of development and unfolding, all perfect and guided and ok.

      I love you so much and I’m so grateful for all you share with me also! Much love from my heart to yours! ❤


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