My name’s Clementine and I’m in Austin, TX!
I’m a highly sensitive person, and my art is in making the world a more magical place!

What’s a highly sensitive person, you may ask?
HSPs are a subset of the population born with a specific gene that predisposes them to heightened sensitivity (anywhere from 15-20% of the population). This means both that we react more intensively to stimuli such as light and sound, and that we pick up on the subtler implications (or vibrations) underneath situations and events. Our brains have markedly more activity along the mirror neurons (seat of empathy) as well as in the insula (moment-to-moment processing center). We reflect and contemplate more than most. We feel more deeply. We receive more information. This is a cutting-edge and growing body of research that is also corroborated in highly sensitive animals. I believe we are the healers, shamans, mystics, creatives, and intuitives. You can read more about it as well as take a test to see if you are one here. There is much to say on this but it has become really central to my work.

As a long-time creative entrepreneur I have held many roles in my life: Apprentice, Personal & Executive Assistant, Personal Organizer/Feng Shui Practitioner, Community Organizer, Life Coach & Spiritual Advisor…. After all of it, I have come to understand that, besides a writer, I am a researcher and educator at heart. My own personal journey took me to the depths of the human condition to understand the shadow, the mystery, the blind spots that most humans skip over in their day-to-day lives…

What I found in the depths there is harrowing to some, intriguing to others. There are secrets that have been buried for eons. I aim to bring this knowledge to the surface and make it easier for others to understand.

Depth Psychology, Magic & Ritualworks, Interdimensionality, Plant Medicines & Ceremony, Angels and Aliens, Astrology, the Akashic Records, Alchemy, Curiosities and Creativity, Ancient Egypt and beyond…. exploring the mysteries is really hard work, but here you can skip some of the leg work and get ahead. It’s my pleasure to present it all to you!

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Remember, this world is magic and so are you!

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