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yugasIn our modern world we are told that time is a linear concept. That ancient people were primitive and unsophisticated, and that we have slowly evolved over time in a linear pathway to become the “most advanced civilization in history.”

Gah! Even just typing that made me cringe for its arrogance. This is what we are taught, as the official “story” of how we got to the point where we currently are. From point A to point B folks, and that’s IT!

Well before our modern paradigm of relative separatism, due to lack of energetic connection with the earth and thus the whole, there were certainly civilizations more advanced than ours. All ancient megalithic structures in the world came from civilizations more advanced than ours, as many of them we could not replicate today.

So the idea of the Yugas is that we have gone through many cycles of greatness and relative darkness – as a species. It’s an ancient Hindu concept of time where, instead of a linear model, it operates more like a wheel, and so humanity goes through cycles of sleep and awakening, just like everything else in nature. We move through Golden Ages, living in extremely high vibration and spiritual communion, and then slowly descend through the Silver Age, the Bronze Age, eventually “bottoming out” in the Dark or Iron Age – when all of humanity is “asleep,” or otherwise unaware of our true spiritual reality. The hallmark is living in total materialism without knowledge that there is more to life. Sound familiar?

The last Kali Yuga/Dark Age correlates from about 700 B.C. to ~1700 A.D. and as you may recall, we had the Middle Ages during that time, experiencing widespread issues with disease, illiteracy and ignorance, state-funded murder and torture, and intolerance such as against Pagans, or witches/healers/shamans etc. (i.e., those who carried the knowledge of higher worlds within them which threatened the materialist state’s control regime).

One cycle of the Yugas lasts about 25,000 years. This is also known as the “Precession of the Equinoxes” in astrology & astronomy, and Plato called one of these cycles “The Great Year”. This is the amount of time it takes for the rising sun on the Spring Equinox to fully traverse one whole pass around the Zodiac cycle (in which currently we are leaving the Age of Pisces and coming into the Age of Aquarius, which each last ~2100 years). To better understand this, watch the video here.

The corresponding names and durations of the ages are as follows (see diagrams also):

• Golden Age – Satya Yuga – 4800 years
• Silver Age – Treta Yuga – 3600 years
• Bronze Age – Dwapara Yuga – 2400 years
• Iron or “Dark” Age – Kali Yuga – 1200 years

You can also look at this information in a line wave:

yugas w: wave

So as of now we have just left the last Kali Yuga, as of about the time when the Enlightenment began in the west ~1700 A.D., which is when we started to learn about atoms and other quantum realities through the promise of science and innovation. We are officially in the “upswing,” leaving the descending cycle and again coming back “up” as we make our way through the current Bronze Age, or Dwapara Yuga. The Bronze Age on the ascending cycle corresponds with a rapid rediscovery of spiritual truths, as well as an increase in understanding of universal laws as humanity transcends the dogma and restriction that goes with the preceding Kali Yuga or Dark Age.

I don’t know about you, but learning about this made me experience a sense of nostalgia and listlessness for those long-lost Golden Ages. I can feel it in my being that this Yuga system is a more “true” model of our history on this planet, and that we have experienced unimaginable heights as a species during those times.

For more info on the Yugas, and how they correspond to the Mayan calendar (it’s uncanny how much they do!), see this blog post here.

I hope that this system gets you thinking in new terms about our history, and critically analyzing what you’ve been told about how we arrived where we are. There is sooooo much more than the history books tell us, and in my research, knowledge of this alternate system of time has been a key piece of understanding to it all!

Happy deep diving friends!

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