Soul Mechanisms

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Writing today about a concept that surfaced when speaking with a dear friend of mine who’s weighted intellectually – I love entering into conversations with him because he has such a wide breadth of knowledge, in addition to many more years on this planet than me, which gives him a glorious mind-ocean to explore.

Well the other day we were talking about some angle of multi-dimensionality or other, and I was describing something about the impending shift in consciousness, and accordingly the impending “fall” of our society, whatever that will look like. And he was saying, “where are you getting your FACTS?” “What is it all based on?” “What is your reasoning?”

And while I greatly respect his inquiries into my philosophies at ANY time, this one really got me thinking in terms of the collective.

I think we all need to shed this tyrannical over-reliance on facts that we have been taught to emphasize above all else, and re-learn the art of reading vibration.

I explained to him that in my opinion, the hold of LOGIC and REASON and FACTS, while important in terms of premises and building larger ideologies (among other things), can be detrimental to the spirit, in that one does not come to utilize our natural system of discernment by vibration. As an example, the way that I personally distinguish truth from falsehood is not by relying solely on the mind. That is one way to do it of course, if you are into the tedium of tallying. But for me, truth is a much deeper thing; I feel it in the core of my being, like the ringing of a bell tower.

The truth, howsoever menial, will come into my system and “ping” against my inner world – the deeper the ring there, the truer the truth. If it bounces into my body and falls flat, or has no movement whatsoever, I know it is untrue. Some things come in and have less impact than a gnat landing on a banana, while some things come in like a tsunami of vibration. Most things are in between, but I can always tell by the depth of the vibration.

Regardless, I believe that the best way to determine if something is true or not is by FEELING, not necessarily by thinking.

One of my favorite metaphors to understanding intuition vs. mind energy goes like this. Mind energy – the chatter of thoughts from your ego –  feels like swimmers splashing on the surface of the ocean. Da da da da da! High, fast, quick, and then easily replaced by the next thing that comes along. Intuition though feels like the sound of the ocean depths, like how whales sing – long, slow, deep – powerful in its vibration. It rings in your entire field. Truth is quite similar to that.

• Go someplace you’re alone and become really still.
• Sit or stand up tall and take some deep breaths. Let everything become quiet.
• Bring to mind your dilemma or decision, then sample any tension that results.
• Then make your mind like a stage with you as the audience – empty and anticipating a show.
• Feel the blankness first, then call in the energy of Option/Situation A.
• Feel all of the feelings around what it does for you.
• Breathe into it, whether it’s icky or empowering, allow it to come up and just observe.
• When you feel complete, go back to the empty stage.
• Breathe a few times into the nothingness.
• Then call in the energy of Option/Situation B. Feeling it all fully, how does it change your state?
• Compare options. Which had the most resonant feel?

You can use that same idea to “feel” with your inner body. We all have a built in meter for truth, just not everyone knows they do. Useful in this age of “fake news” and fear mongering and information overwhelm, eh?

Last thing, I know this post has been oversimplified – cue debate about subjective vs. objective truth – but I believe there exists an objective truth and I think it’s detrimental to say there isn’t one, or that we can’t experience it from a subjective mind. I believe that these objective truths are perceptible, and that they show up in our daily experience, to the extent that we have Love in our lives. I believe, when this universal force comes to you, no matter how slightly, it generates a deep, abiding, resonant vibration, and that you can tune into this to stay on course if you are aware.

Because you ARE that vibration! Truth is Love is God is You. 

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So people shower what, like a few times a week? Typically you shower because maybe you’re starting to feel like you smell, or you feel a grimy film all over your skin, or maybe you did a lot of “work” and want to refresh your whole world. Hop in the shower and wash off, easy!

Well you can wash your body easy, but how do you cleanse your mind? How do you clear away the emotional remnants of an argument? How do you make sure your aura and/or personal space isn’t jam-packed with hate or anger residue?

Do you even think about these things as needing to be “cleaned” (in an energetic sense)?

The spiritual body becomes “dirty” just like your physical body does, and accordingly with the “body” of your space. Arguments, obsessiveness, anger and spitefulness, outbursts of any kind including menial, daily frustrations – all of this leaves a residue in your environment and can accumulate in your body, auric field, and personal space. If left unaddressed, over time it can become a sticky/slimy/dark/smoggy/surreal film-like curtain over your reality, making you feel like you’re “not yourself” – and not only that, if you are unaware enough, it can keep you in a negative feedback loop reliving the issue over and over again.

It shows up differently for everyone, as your energy shows up differently than everyone’s. But the basic thing you need to know about it is that energy, just like dirt and grime, can accumulate and then over time come to stagnate. Therefore to optimize our health we must “move” the energy regularly to keep it flowing. This can mean both in the physical sense of the word, meaning a rearrange or shift of the physical objects in the space, and an energetic sense of the word, meaning a shift of the space vibrationally, via sound, smudging (with sage or otherwise), or even just a mental direction of light to clear things up.

Anything that does not get “shaken up” with a degree of regularity – including under your couch, behind your bed, and by the kitchen trash cans, for instance – can start to grow pockets of negativity, like a cancer of sorts. Additionally if you have certain places in your home that you spend a lot of time in (desk, armchair, meditation or altar space, etc) then those should be cleansed more often. Rearranging furniture and/or cleaning behind it can bring huge energetic shifts. Also try moving lights around in rooms for big changes.

For the basics of energetic clearing, use a smudge stick and direct smoke into nooks and crannies to get things moving, or use a chime, bell, or your own voice to make noise that sweetly expands into the darkness. If you don’t have these things, you can always just use your imagination and breath to direct light from God – in through your crown chakra, down to your heart chakra, and out into a spot anywhere in or around your space.

For body or aura cleansing, you can use the same techniques, just using your imagination to direct the smoke/sound/breath/light into anywhere in/on your body.

I hope this post inspires you to think about creating a daily, weekly, or monthly habit where you “sit with” the energy of your body (and space) to see if you can improve the vibration in any way. Most people ignore this altogether but there are huge benefits if you don’t!

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memory palace

When in college at UT Austin, I researched extensively on the cultural shift from oral culture to written culture at the point when writing was (re)invented around the time of Socrates. I was and am still deeply intrigued by this particular time as it has many sociological implications. However, when researching, I came across a concept that really stuck with me – and despite being 6 years already since undergrad – that concept is still one of my most treasured discoveries.

“Memory Palaces” are a place you make in your mind via a mnemonic technique called the “method of loci” – that is, you create and visit an actual mansion in your mind.

Can you imagine??

The term “memory palace” originates from ancient Greece and Roman philosophers, where, before writing, they had to develop their capacities of memory substantially to be able to remember and recall information without referencing it in any way. Thus they developed the memory palace – actual interior spaces inside their mind where they would develop various rooms (even with furniture and décor) to store and “file away” various bits of information. That way, when they needed to recall something, they would go into that very room next to that very object and easily remember the information.

Along my path I have found more places where this fascinating idea shows up. While looking into Christian mysticism a bit, an interesting path came about when I stumbled across St. Teresa of Ávila – a Spanish Catholic nun and mystic from the 16th century – who wrote about this technique in her grand work, “The Interior Castle.” In this work she describes a vision wherein she visited a mansion in her mind with seven chambers, understood to be an analogy of the soul’s journey, that one must work to attain access to each successive chamber through dedicated prayer and spiritual development.

Another place I came across it was when studying about the Akashic Records. Now, the Akashic Records is a topic ALL in itself, and I could write for days on the experience I have had with this. But for now, I will say that the Akashic Records can be thought of as a giant repository of all of your soul’s recorded experiences, available for reference to you if you so chose. Meaning that, through every lifetime you have, every single experience (down to every hiccup!) gets recorded into a giant library of your soul. This is a very basic definition, but essentially, if you chose to, you could visit a giant library in your mind and review anything that has happened to you, and why.

In any event, I don’t recommend seriously playing around with this if you aren’t well-versed in astral traveling, depth psychology, or if you aren’t extremely humble, respectful of “God”, and soul-centric. There are a great many things that can go wrong with your mental health if you take this on hubristically (as with all magical explorations).

But I think that most people who walk around on this planet don’t even know the capacity that their mind gives them just by being alive, and this topic is one of thousands of possibilities which prove we have only been told about a very limited range of experiences compared to our potential.

So next time you are trying to remember something important, maybe you could try to imagine a single, simple room with a desk or armchair in it, and put the information in a letter or book on the table for you to retrieve when you need it.

You can build your internal mansion from there!

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