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There’s a powerful storm of newness a’brewing. Not only is it the start of the Chinese New Year (welcome to the year of the Earth Dog, friends!), but there’s a new lunar cycle, plus eclipse season is upon us. And lemme tell ya, lately there’s been no room for games, with these eclipses causing all kinds of abrupt challenges and realizations (I mean. Did you even FEEL that full moon on the 31st? Holy cannnnnoli!).

Which, along with rapidly deteriorating social constructs as more and more truths are brought to light (Quentin Tarantino anyone?), all of this has the result of being quite disorienting in a general sense. Like you thought you had a good grasp on things, right? Has that changed in the last two weeks? Has anything come up that you thought you had put to “rest”?

HA! Rest. What an ethereal, faraway, dream-like quality that word seems to have taken on as of late.

In any event, these eclipses are bringing us an opportunity to assess some things that we’ve taken for granted, that we might “resettle” it in a more optimal way. If it isn’t yet obvious, for clues as to where the work is occurring in your life you can think back to the Total Solar Eclipse last August, and what you were working through at that time. Whatever was emphasized then will be wrapping up now, as per the nature of the 6-month cycle. It’s all by design this way, since “eclipse seasons” (as they’re known in astronomy) occur about every six months, necessarily bringing one lunar and one solar eclipse, and sometimes even a third.

You can imagine the indigenous peoples of this planet, in a land long before “Time,” watching the skies for their cues and feeling the cycles as they come and go, designing their lives around the ebb and flow of these great rhythms provided by the shoreline in the sky. There was a profound reverence for the changes of Nature, a receptivity and a listening for her messages, much unlike how most of the world lives today, in total ignorance of our celestial neighbors and the heartbeat of their cycles as they change. These eclipse seasons would have been of utmost importance, as the relative intensity of a full or new moon with an eclipse much outweighs that of a regular new or full moon. That, and they indicate naturally when half a year has passed. (Imagine telling time by movements in the sky, instead of an arbitrary number!)

As I explained in my last post (here), eclipses are potent events that “reset” your psyche around a specific theme. In solar eclipses, this portends an assessment of the “way things are done” in a general sense – effectively they are like an energetic “checkpoint” for evaluating your overall mission, both the good AND the bad. This temporary questioning of all that you hold on the “highest shelf” can be likened to the shadow that overtakes the Earth at solar eclipses: at a time without the resources of the light, there is an opportunity to look around in the shadows, to be sure there isn’t anything we haven’t accounted for that’s taken root.

So now’s a good time to overturn every stone – especially the ones about which you are most certain. Do you have to keep going this way or is there a hidden pathway you could take? Are you sure that this is the absolute highest truth, or is there something you’re not seeing? What have you pledged you allegiance to, and is it without a doubt in the highest good of all?

As with any new moon, the energies at solar eclipses are POTENT because the Moon and Sun are conjunct in the sky, bringing a combination or “union” of their powers: an integration of the right and left brain, male and female, spiritual and physical, etc. (For a more visual understanding, see the short video here). Thus the combined gravitational pull brings an “opening” of the earth to the influence of the luminary union, and particularly to the personality of the constellation in which the Sun and Moon conjoin.

So at this time, be ready for an influx of the electricity of Aquarius – the social reformer, the wavemaker of change!


Aquarius is a welcome energy in a society wrought with scandal. Well maybe not welcomed, but certainly expected! It’s significant also because we are moving into an Aquarian age (big deal because each zodiacal age lasts ~2160 years). If the last year hasn’t gotten you to think about the future and what you want from it, well then the Age of Aquarius influence will get you daydreaming. What do you see when you dream of “the future”? Teleportation? Giant libraries? Community gardening? Moon festivals that last for days? Everyone has a dream they can add to the mix. We all are holding a piece of the paradise that is budding. See if you can start to make yours a little more clear!

Aquarius, as an air sign (corresponding with swords in the tarot), represents the mental realm, and the most evolved of our zodiac as such. It might be confusing because he is known as the “water-bearer,” but some people believe this is because the ancients did not yet know of electricity, and the thinking goes that he really represents the power of currents in the ether which they could only liken to water. This really resonates for me as quantum physics has begun to produce scientific evidence for the ether and how it works.

Regardless, think of the properties of gases and vapors – air signs tend to be quick, ever-moving, and conceptual in the most ethereal, non-physical way. Typically having to do with ideologies and belief systems, Aquarius represents the “oldest” or as I said “most evolved” energy between the three air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) and it holds the patterns of grandiose humanitarian ideals – the ideological utopia and the highest order we can imagine reaching. And on the other side of the coin,  it makes us question ideals we hold close, in case they are paradoxically harmful to the collective without our knowing.

Ruled by Uranus, Aquarius is associated with ideologies, innovation, political activism, social networks, electricity, rebellion, high ideals, and progressiveness. We have a New Moon and Solar Eclipse powerfully aligning us with this energy, helping us to move toward identifying with this higher new world. However, there is some tension here also, because this eclipse aligns with the south node, meaning it will be a prompting us to let something go, to “end” a habit, ideal, or pattern that has been keeping us back from the grand innovation (see my last post for more info on nodes). So, though we have the typical new moon cycle beckoning us to plant a seed for the new, this seed should be concerned with rectifying something that has long persisted which must go, even to the point of questioning the very essence of our cause.

As an additional indication of where to focus, there is no full moon in February, making this New Moon what’s called a “Black Moon.” This means that because it is the single lunar event in February, and because there is no Full Moon, there’s a huge introspective emphasis on this month, with the lunar energies peaking on a single new moon (which is when you focus internally, as opposed to a full moon which is more focused externally).

Thus if you haven’t been already, you can expect an intimate evaluation of your highest dreams and a simultaneous assessment of what you absolutely must let go of in order to reach that ideal. You may find that you thought you were working for a cause, only to be paradoxically aiding the opposite one. For instance an evangelical Christian might see that he has contributed to misinformation and ignorance instead of the grueling self-awareness required by “the Truth.” Things are not always what they seem, even within yourself! So utilize this event to dive deep into your ideals, because this is a powerful time to declare what you want to disconnect from, in order to get closer to the paradigm of the new.

Some questions you can ask yourself are:
What are your highest ideals for human civilization? If nothing was in the way, what would life on Earth look like to you? What are you working toward in the grand scheme, or what cause could you give your life to? With things as they are, what parts of life are you not willing to accept, and how can you spend more of your time working to change them? Who is an example of a leader for change that you admire, and why? What have you pledged your allegiance to? How do you know it’s the highest truth?

Some notes on seeing the eclipse:
The eclipse will only be visible in Antarctica and the southernmost tip of South America. However because we are all one family here on Earth, the influx of energies affect us all, and should still be observed and honored, especially with the New Moon. In central Texas it will occur from 1-5pm, peaking around 3. For more scientific or mechanistic information on the eclipse see the link here.

This is the last major event in Aquarius before we have hella Pisces energy up in here (Venus already has moved into Pisces, great for us because that’s the sign she’s most compatible with; Mercury and the Sun both join in Pisces later this week) which will bring a huge influx of dreaminess and mystery and fluidity to the stage. So before the plunge, tune in to the Aquarian wisdom available at this time for some tidying up of your mental game, and see your mission in the grand scheme align as a result!

Happy New Moon and Solar Eclipse, and happy Lunar New Year too! ❤

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leo lunar eclipse

We have a major movement occurring on the last day of this month. It’s actually quite rare, as these circumstances haven’t been seen for 150 years. That’s because it’s a Full Supermoon, meaning it’s closer to the earth and thus appears larger; it’s a Blue Moon, meaning it’s the second full moon in one month, and it’s also a “Blood Moon,” aka a Lunar Eclipse.

Spiritually speaking, eclipses are very powerful portals for realignment and deep reflections, and they create a massive opening for authenticity in the collective consciousness. They can be powerfully transformative, sometimes causing abrupt changes and major twists, but ultimately just to get things back on track!

So you really want to watch what you’re doing around eclipses, because since what are known as “eclipse seasons occur about every half a year, they “set” a 6-month cycle in your psyche, meaning whatever you are going through at this time can be expected to play out over the next six months and culminate during the next round. By the same token, if you think back to the last Lunar Eclipse on August 7, 2017, and the utterly charged Total Solar Eclipse on August 21, you may find that whatever was going on then is wrapping up around now with the completion of the 6-month cycle. That time was super charged if you remember, so be aware of this recurring intensity as it’s reawakened to be better settled into place.

Overall, eclipses are like resets, similar to the idea of “unplugging” a router or going to sleep for a fresh restart in the morning. In Lunar Eclipses, this reset occurs in the emotional or subconscious reality, as the moon moves through and comes to embody the shadow of the earth, symbolically seen as a “drumming up” or “rifling through” all of the things we haven’t been wanting to look at. Which, the moon does go through the “dark side” on a regular basis, but at the Lunar Eclipse it just so happens to line up so the Earth’s shadow directly covers it. You can see the symbolism in the moon “taking on” the shadow of the earth, that we might be able to see it.

Lunar eclipse

Lunar Eclipses necessarily occur on a full moon, when the moon and the sun are opposite to each other. You can see them from anywhere in the world as long as it is nighttime there. A great resource for visualizing the movements is the short video here. These eclipses can occur with the North Node or the South Node, which are mathematical points calculated by the orbit of the moon. At some point I will write a post expanding on the nodes (and see the linked video for a basic visual understanding), but for now the idea is that the North Node traditionally represents one’s destiny, or the direction of one’s highest potential and ultimate goal for their growth. The South Node represents what one has already mastered and the “launching pad” that one is evolving away from. We each have our own individual nodes that drive us in a general sense – fixed depending on where the moon was when we were born – as well as a collective set of nodes, which change once every 18 months (next changing to Capricorn>Cancer on November 6th). Right now, our collective nodes are set at Aquarius>Leo, with the North Node in Leo being a general influence driving us to “come out” as our biggest, brightest selves.

What you need to know is that this full moon is aligned with our North Node, known as a North Node Lunar Eclipse (as opposed to a South Node Lunar Eclipse). North Node Lunar Eclipses pertain to the future – our hopes, dreams, aspirations, and ideas for a better life. In contrast, South Node Lunar Eclipses pertain to the past, and lessons, journeys traveled, ideas that have passed from our lives. Thus, this Full Supermoon & Lunar Eclipse in Leo is encouraging us to powerfully step into our future dreams and assess any limitations that are preventing us from stepping into the light of our own fire. It is all about your future, and addressing whatever needs to leave your life so that your true self may unfold.

Some questions you can ask yourself are:
What outdated beliefs do I have about myself that are impeding my future self from coming in? What activity is my soul yearning for more of? Is there anything really important I want to experience before I die? What are my modes of self-expression, and am I getting enough of them? How am I being called to share myself with this world, whether in big or small ways?

Some notes on seeing the eclipse:
I live in Texas, and the time is Central Standard Time (CST). The actual shadow on the moon (including it becoming red) starts between 6 – 7 am on January 31st. However the moon will be quite close to the horizon, so if you want to be able to see it, make sure you go to a high place with a clear view!

For all others, see the link here to figure out when/if you can see it.

Whether you get to see it or not, this is a GREAT night to get out and bask in the moonlight in general as the energies are very potent for reflection. Try putting out any sacred objects or crystals you want to absorb the majesty of this moon (if you can, making sure they’re actually put in the light). This is also a great time to revisit the intention you set at the Capricorn New Moon on 1/16, and appreciate any ways that it has come to pass. And then, if you are inclined to create a deeper space, you could always make an altar to the moon and give her offerings! — Ideas could be perfumed water, flowers, pearls or moonstone, milk of any kind, anything the color of periwinkle. Sing her a song, write her a poem, paint her a picture….. The point is to thank her for everything she does for us. She will thank you powerfully in return!

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new moon in cap 1-16-18

The might of the goat is upon us. How we find ourselves furiously planning for the new! Lately I am seeing in my community a great urgency to define and to make sense of what we are each here to do. Concrete planning, people expanding to hold their higher versions, a newfound synergy between roles, and a great recognition of the interdependence necessary to thrive together. The new systems are coming in, and FAST!

It is so beautiful how everyone is feeling the need to get serious and develop their ideas in a concrete way… I am so excited to watch us all bloom!

Of course, the drive to define right now could be due to the major influence from Capricorn, as we have a record number of planets here at this time: 6 planetary bodies forming a stellium in the sign. A “stellium” is 3+ planetary bodies in one zodiac sign. We have 6! Definitely an atypical amount of energy & weight in one area. If you are new to astrology, basically how you can think of this is by seeing the sky as a pie chart, with each zodiac sign being a slice (imagine the zodiac wheel in pie chart slices overlayed on the sky). The planets move through the sky at different paces according to their different elliptical orbit lengths. In a general sense, what this means is that each planet takes a certain amount of years to “return” where it started (to make one full cycle) and thus the outer planets move more slowly than others, as each increasingly outer planet has a longer and longer orbit (see video for reference here). As of today on January 16th, 2018, we have SIX planetary bodies close together in the pie slice that is Capricorn: the Sun and now the Moon, Pluto, Mercury, Venus, and Saturn. All of these various energies are joined together under the Capricorn banner, which makes all of their energies interact and compound their forces into one big giant “YOW!”

This influx of wise and long-sighted focus with this Capricornian new moon conjunction quite interestingly coincides with the recent shift of Saturn moving into Capricorn also. In case you missed it, Saturn moving into Cap on December 20th of last year was a major movement in the sky, as it takes an entire Saturn orbit cycle of 29 YEARS for Saturn to return to its beloved Capricornian home. Aside from the fact that Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, and that they are both earth-based energies, Saturn just looooves to be in Capricorn because they both represent these very grounded “wisdom keeper” or “teacher” type of roles, i.e. somewhat stern and all-knowing mentor (or master) archetypes. The two energies are highly complimentary, and since Saturn represents your ability to build and master your own life, well, then….. you bet this task will be wayyy easier at this time. For the next 3 years actually, score!

The Sun has of course joined Saturn too as you may have noticed with the birthdays of your Capricorn friends occurring. With all of this going on in Cap, you may have been feeling an urge to focus on your long-term aspirations and goals, your ultimate desires for this life, ideas for leaving a legacy, the organization of your knowledge and beliefs, and a redefinition or reorientation to where you are at in the journey in relation to the grand scheme. These urges to set a better foundation will be amplified by the intense amount of presence in this sign at this time.

(It’s also worth noting that if you have been neglecting your life lessons and shirking your responsibility, this time can be quite brutal for you, but if you have been doing your work and showing up for yourself…. the Saturnine Goat will continue to ally himself with you, leading to a boost in your life!)

Capricorn is the oldest of the earth signs, the most evolved of the three (Taurus, Virgo, Cap). He represents the goat – he who climbs mountains, focusing only on the peak. In older references he is also known as the sea-goat, origin of which is a myth shrouded in mystery, but which we understand as a goat with a mermaidian tail – a creature who carries the mysteries of the sea and synthesizes it with the concrete wisdom of the earth. He is considered a heavy, intense energy in that he represents lessons around your bottom line and structural mastery (or lack thereof). His focus is on the long-term and integrity before power: preparation for the journey, the foundation, monitoring the moving parts as they relate to the whole, daily habits, organization, commitment, and hard truths which define limitations (and thus parameters, which ultimately foster creative growth!).

As for the lunar influence on this night, New Moons are a time when the moon has no light on it whatsoever, and thus it’s in a place of total rebirth. At this time, the moon is conjunct with (close to) the Sun in the sky and thus has no light to illuminate it on the side that we see (as opposed to a full moon which is directly opposite the sun in the sky…. leading to direct illumination at fullest capacity). Historically this is a time when healers and shamanic peoples will “cast seeds” in the form of intentions for what they want in the coming moon cycle, to manifest at the full moon two weeks later.

It’s interesting to note that this New Moon is exactly between the two Full Supermoons of Jaunary, which just so happen to perfectly bookend the month: the first having already occurred in Cancer on January 1st, and the second which will occur in Leo on January 31st. What’s more, the second full supermoon of this month will also be a lunar eclipse, which is when the moon turns red as a blood moon!

All of this to say…. it is truly a fantastic idea to sit down at this time (and over the next week or so) to think about what you’d like to manifest in the next 3 years while Saturn is in Capricorn. What invigorates you about your future when you think about it? What makes you feel passion, and how can you make more time for that in your life? Are there any people who are doing something that you’d like to do who you could model after? What habits aren’t serving you, and what habits can you replace them with? What resources and connections will you need to accomplish your goal(s)?

Generally speaking, now is a good time to be focusing on clearing away all debris from failures that came before and organizing your present reality. Do it BEFORE you try to manifest any big new plans. This is the lesson of Capricorn: doing a good job on the foundation is the only way to truly know that your power is secure.

So it’s a NEW MOON, with helluva lot of staying power behind it – spend some time with yourself and get clear on your visions for life! What do you want to focus all of this energy on? A good intention has three elements if you ask me: 1) It’s simple, and said in the present tense, as if it is already real; 2) It focuses on what you want to see instead of what you don’t; 3) It uplifts, energizes, or otherwise excites you when you read it.

“I am confident in pursuing my goal of writing a book.”
“I joyously approach problems in my life as opportunities to grow.”
“I cultivate compassion for everyone I encounter on my path.”


Set a good one for yourself this evening, and watch it GROW each day with the moon!

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I want to talk about being a highly sensitive person.

I want to talk about this a LOT actually. It has been difficult for me all of my life to feel and see so deeply – most of my social memories until a certain point are quite negative, with me being blatantly outcast, rejected, shamed, shunned, and/or misunderstood. It was only recently when I learned about high sensitivity as a scientifically-researched phenomenon that I came to see it for what it is – a superpower.

A friend turned me onto this book by Elaine Aron. You know those books that when you read them you reframe your entire existence in the context of their insights? This one has been one of those for me. It’s about the growing body of research on this topic where Highly Sensitive People (or “HSPs”, though I call them simply “sensitives”) are defined as a portion of the population with a gene predisposing them to heightened sensitivity, making up only about 15-20% of the population, equal for males and females. Interestingly this same gene is also present in over 100 different species.

The implications are enormous!!!

Sensitivity, the author explains, pertains to both a heightened reactiveness to stimuli as well as certain cognitive tendencies such as processing information more deeply and picking up on subtler information underneath the surface of events. Thus if you were an HSP you would be unable to avoid reading into situations more deeply than others – indeed more deeply than would 80% of the population – as perhaps seeing the depression hanging behind someone’s smile or sensing the discomfort someone has with your success or picking up on the subtlest of cues such as a raised eyebrow or a furtive glance or a nervous tapping of someone’s foot – all which give away certain things about the person’s emotional or psychological state.

I have felt this sensitivity all my life. And I have become so painfully aware of how few people understand it! Well the author makes this overarching point about the western world denigrating and devaluing sensitivity, citing a study wherein school kids were surveyed – “What makes the popular kids so well liked?” And in the west, the common descriptors were “outgoing”, “talkative”, “energetic” whereas in the east the descriptors were “reserved”, “composed,” “mature”….

Well this devaluation pervades our culture, including Western psychology. Sensitivity has been negatively attributed to people under various terms (“neurotic”, “introverted”, “shy”, etc) since our imperialist origins require the “superior” paradigm to be externally oriented – fighting and screaming and competing, essentially penetrating outwards. Well sensitive people tend to lean toward the inner worlds. As Carl Jung put it, sensitive people are “educators and promoters of culture”… they live “the other possibility of the interior life which is so incredibly wanting in our civilization.”

For even more sociological context, Aron also suggests that throughout history, HSPs were known as members of the “royal advisory class” which cultivated power in the esoteric realms for survival, as opposed to the “warrior-king class” which cultivated power by brute force. This “royal advisory class” pertains to such archetypes as the shamans, witches, healers, priests, etc which have influenced every society in various roles since the Neolithic revolution (the point at which humans began agricultural practices and thus developing settlements).

I could write for days about this and I’m sure I will in time, but for now I will bullet point the key points as I see them:

  • The author makes an overarching point about the negative bias the imperialist West places on sensitivity which programs HSPs to have low self-esteem from the get go
  • There is no spectrum of sensitivity – you either have the gene or you do not
  • The parts of the brain more active in HSPs are the insula, known as “the seat of consciousness” (moment to moment processing center) and the mirror neuron system which is how empathy works
  • HSPs have a greater capacity for both sadness and joy, a concept called “vantage sensitivity”
  • Trauma has a much more devastating effect on HSPs than others, especially childhood trauma
  • As a survival strategy we process so thoroughly the implications of what occurs and we are thus less likely to make the same mistake again
  • HSPs are extremely affected by their environment, called “differential susceptibility”
  • HSPs have a hard time displaying their competence when being evaluated or watched (they are keenly aware of the judgment & scrutiny)
  • Sensitivity is inherited, and if two HSPs reproduce their child is even more sensitive (studied in dogs)
  • She also gives concrete techniques for managing the trait and its downsides
  • The spiritual term for it is “empath”

To take the simple self-test to determine if you are sensitive, go here.
To get the book, go here.

Basically, if you feel misunderstood, constantly deeper than most you meet, often tired for no apparent reason, read this book!

Holy moly what a gem!!!

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yugasIn our modern world we are told that time is a linear concept. That ancient people were primitive and unsophisticated, and that we have slowly evolved over time in a linear pathway to become the “most advanced civilization in history.”

Gah! Even just typing that made me cringe for its arrogance. This is what we are taught, as the official “story” of how we got to the point where we currently are. From point A to point B folks, and that’s IT!

Well before our modern paradigm of relative separatism, due to lack of energetic connection with the earth and thus the whole, there were certainly civilizations more advanced than ours. All ancient megalithic structures in the world came from civilizations more advanced than ours, as many of them we could not replicate today.

So the idea of the Yugas is that we have gone through many cycles of greatness and relative darkness – as a species. It’s an ancient Hindu concept of time where, instead of a linear model, it operates more like a wheel, and so humanity goes through cycles of sleep and awakening, just like everything else in nature. We move through Golden Ages, living in extremely high vibration and spiritual communion, and then slowly descend through the Silver Age, the Bronze Age, eventually “bottoming out” in the Dark or Iron Age – when all of humanity is “asleep,” or otherwise unaware of our true spiritual reality. The hallmark is living in total materialism without knowledge that there is more to life. Sound familiar?

The last Kali Yuga/Dark Age correlates from about 700 B.C. to ~1700 A.D. and as you may recall, we had the Middle Ages during that time, experiencing widespread issues with disease, illiteracy and ignorance, state-funded murder and torture, and intolerance such as against Pagans, or witches/healers/shamans etc. (i.e., those who carried the knowledge of higher worlds within them which threatened the materialist state’s control regime).

One cycle of the Yugas lasts about 25,000 years. This is also known as the “Precession of the Equinoxes” in astrology & astronomy, and Plato called one of these cycles “The Great Year”. This is the amount of time it takes for the rising sun on the Spring Equinox to fully traverse one whole pass around the Zodiac cycle (in which currently we are leaving the Age of Pisces and coming into the Age of Aquarius, which each last ~2100 years). To better understand this, watch the video here.

The corresponding names and durations of the ages are as follows (see diagrams also):

• Golden Age – Satya Yuga – 4800 years
• Silver Age – Treta Yuga – 3600 years
• Bronze Age – Dwapara Yuga – 2400 years
• Iron or “Dark” Age – Kali Yuga – 1200 years

You can also look at this information in a line wave:

yugas w: wave

So as of now we have just left the last Kali Yuga, as of about the time when the Enlightenment began in the west ~1700 A.D., which is when we started to learn about atoms and other quantum realities through the promise of science and innovation. We are officially in the “upswing,” leaving the descending cycle and again coming back “up” as we make our way through the current Bronze Age, or Dwapara Yuga. The Bronze Age on the ascending cycle corresponds with a rapid rediscovery of spiritual truths, as well as an increase in understanding of universal laws as humanity transcends the dogma and restriction that goes with the preceding Kali Yuga or Dark Age.

I don’t know about you, but learning about this made me experience a sense of nostalgia and listlessness for those long-lost Golden Ages. I can feel it in my being that this Yuga system is a more “true” model of our history on this planet, and that we have experienced unimaginable heights as a species during those times.

For more info on the Yugas, and how they correspond to the Mayan calendar (it’s uncanny how much they do!), see this blog post here.

I hope that this system gets you thinking in new terms about our history, and critically analyzing what you’ve been told about how we arrived where we are. There is sooooo much more than the history books tell us, and in my research, knowledge of this alternate system of time has been a key piece of understanding to it all!

Happy deep diving friends!

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Back in the day – and by that I mean like, 5,000 years ago – humans placed great emphasis on their shrines. Having a shrine or altar meant that one could access God in the daily human experience. It was understood as a central part of one’s daily life, as the foundation of one’s prayer or spiritual practice. In Feng Shui, altars are considered the place where God force comes in to your home. So if you have no altar? God hesitates to come in!

On the individual level, this common custom meant they had altars (or “courtyards”) at the heart of every home, often with sacred items representing their ancestors, deities, and perhaps energy of different forces like love or money or health. On the collective level, this manifested as temples at the heart of every city, often with a sacred “inner sanctum” at the core (a shrine within a shrine if you will).

I mean think about it. What if, instead of TVs being what our “living” rooms are centered around, what if every home in America had an altar to their spirituality at the center?

My blood boils when I think of how cities are built now, with everything so jarring and grimy and soulless. Very little is sacred in big cities, with the only nature being in parks which are (typically) not well maintained. This extreme lack of intention in our environment sets us up for confusion, scatteredness, and self-fractioning as we pass through these spaces with energetic difficulty.

A classic book on the topic I have yet to read all of but which has profoundly affected me nonetheless is one called A Pattern Language. It’s written by an architect with a divine understanding of the subtler implications of buildings, and the arrangement of buildings, in terms of how it affects our human experience. This is a field called “environmental psychology” which is FASCINATING. But my point in bringing up this book is that in one chapter he talks about the effects of a city with a courtyard in the middle, in stark contrast to a city with a dump in the middle. You can imagine the dynamic differences in energy these scenarios generate for the whole.

On a more practical level, I think of my altar as an anchor of my spiritual and psychic energy. Every day, I wake up and sit down and make an offering there, which connects me to my source. It is a centralization of my spiritual force – my willpower, creativity, passion, and divinity accumulate there into a reverberating orb of energy that envelops my whole house in a glorious state of nurturing and upliftment. This makes it easier for me to maintain higher vibrations.

With a well-loved and well-tended altar, your home can become a temple.

And besides the obvious benefits of accumulating high-vibrational energy in one place, it also encourages a habit of prayer or meditation practice, as it is designed for engagement and relishment as one gazes over their most sacred objects.

As simple as it is, I believe this is a huge way to shift consciousness quickly, for not only individuals but whole societies! And it’s really simple to start one. Most people have everything already lying around.

✧・° ✧. ・°: * ✧・° .* ✧・°: *✧ ・°.*✧. ・°: * ✧・° .* ✧・°: *✧ ・°.*✧. ・°: * ✧・° .* ✧・°: *✧ ・°.*✧. ・°: * ✧

First, designate the place and form it will take – this can be with a piece of furniture such as a small shelf or table, or it can be more simple such as a cloth on the floor. Next, find or purchase some sort of pillow/rug/blanket to place before the altar. This will be what invites you to the practice so make it enticing – fluffy & cushioned – go PLUSH on this! Luxuriate!

Then the fun part – you get to go all over your house collecting the most sacred things you can find. Crystals or stones, musical instruments, photos, representations of deities, objects representing something sacred for you, anything goes. Ideally you cleanse and “bless” everything you choose with concentrated attention (and sage or holy water). Typically you want to include at least one candle, an incense or oil burner, a bell or chime if you have one, and some kind of plate and bowl (one to hold sage bundles etc, and the bowl for giving offerings).

Activities you can participate in at your altar: lighting incense, anointing yourself with oils, charging your crystals with Love, chanting, singing, and/or playing music, lighting candles, giving offerings to deities (wine, fruit, coins, etc), expressing gratitude, setting intentions (or using EFT aka “tapping” with affirmations)… often you’ll end up just plain meditating no matter where you start out.

✧・° ✧. ・°: * ✧・° .* ✧・°: *✧ ・°.*✧. ・°: * ✧・° .* ✧・°: *✧ ・°.*✧. ・°: * ✧・° .* ✧・°: *✧ ・°.*✧. ・°: * ✧・° 

The creativity is up to you. There is no right or wrong! (Unless you spell it “alter.” That is WRONG.) I like to have several altars around my house, all working out or “holding” different things. Most of the time I am working with a deity or two in particular (see the picture above for my current!). Of course, I always emphasize the central altar though, as the “hearth” of your home and centerpoint to your practice, and ultimately, the place where God force is invited in.

I hope you take this as seriously as I do and MAKE ONE! And then you can make one for your parents and your friends and your gatherings….

Life will never be the same. And why should it, anyway?  😉

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Cooking eggs one morning, and I think to myself simply, “I believe in everybody’s ability to grow.”

(New fave affirmation like WHOA!) 

It came out of nowhere, and swiftly, like a dart into my mind from God— deep and clear, like the ringing of an ancient gong. Immediately upon thinking it I felt a warmth and a blooming and a blending with All that is, right there in the middle of my kitchen cooking eggs, my whole body enlivened with the joy at thinking this thought. In my mind’s eye, the vibration of acceptance melts away any resistance I have ever had, to anyone, at any time in my history, and in its place is simply left acceptance, and gratitude, and trust that there was a reason.

I love moments like these.

(Now, when this kind of thing happens to me it is usually spontaneous, and I know by now that it’s best to “surf the wave” as it were, to amplify and engage myself into the emotional experience.)

So naturally and without thinking, I lovingly apply this salve to all of those I feel need it – to those whom I perceive to be the most “stuck” in my family, to those who have hurt me, to those who are haunted by every wrong thing they have ever done against others, to those who sleep on the street at night, to those who weave the wicked web of the world, to those who don’t know what world they’re in (when really they’re in the mental ward), to anyone I have ever known whom I have judged or criticized or belittled because of their ways—

Liberated and alchemized by the simple power of this beautiful, supreme thought:

I believe in everybody’s ability to grow.


Can you believe in this too? 🙂

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